Where Are YOU On The Curve of Ambition?

I  love Social Entrepreneurs!
I also love the freedom that comes from realising their are nearly 8 Billion people on the Planet now, and that not all of them are going to like what I do or sign up to creating something bigger and better together! We don’t need all of them to agree – we just need YOU!
Some people just don’t have vision – and I get that – however, I am confident of a better outcome in your case. Simply by reading this far would suggest you have a hunger and thirst for making a difference.
Whilst still in the gestation stage, The Boardroom Network & Elite Business Women’s Clubs  is nevertheless looking for commitment from just a segment of our members who want to be at the front of the curve, the curve of ambition! These are the 13% who want to lead the field.
Wherever you are in your state of ambition, The Boardroom Network & EBWC  has a place and a purpose and value for you and your business. Not everyone needs to be ‘driven’ like an Entrepreneur.
But what if you are driven? What if a breakfast or lunch meeting isn’t enough to feed your hunger and thirst for ever increasing results?
Well, if that’s you, we’ve got more.
It’s called…
The Boardroom Education
The Boardroom Education is for the entrepreneurially minded who want to something amazing with their professional development, with their businesses, and who want to leave the world in a better condition than when they found it! If this is you, you are a committed person who enjoys making a contribution.
So what will your commitment be?
You commitment will be more time dedicated to developing you, your team, your business, and your impact on the community.
This is going to cost you time, money, and what we call ’emotional labour.’ It isn’t for everybody. It’s for those who wish to ‘escape’! It for those who are serious about growing their business and their positive impact on the community.
It’s for you if you wish to escape to a life of meaning, to doing business on purpose – business for good.
We use the [ESC] key on the keyboard to summarise what we offer:



I’m not going to use this as a brochure opportunity – just a brief taster to whet your appetite (if you’re hungry and thirsty for a change!)
Briefly then, you’ll get live education, web events, and an ever increasing library of online resources.
You’ll get a professional, accredited Coach who will keep you accountable to the goals you set – you’re in control.
Your membership of our online and live communities ensure continuous peer support.
And if you want to 11x your business – we’ve an inhouse team of Business Growth Consultants with whom you can engage at your chosen commitment point. It’s a tailored solution, not an off-the-shelf package.
So what about connection? The Boardroom Network  & EBWC has been creating the ideal environment for connection for years. The Boardroom Education is simply going to be more directive for those who recognise the power of leadership, mentoring, and collaboration.
We will be co-creating plans for your business that will include putting you in contact with the right people to have empowering conversations with. We’ll also be proactively seeking to build your right team. And, if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be promoted to the community to grow your business. It’ll be like being an approved partner.
What Acting NOW Will Guarantee
What we’re proposing is going to be in closed cohorts of only 20 per group. If you’d like to be a part of the Pilot group that will define the future, message me now. lex_mckee@me.com