The Sherborne group of Business Women’s Club launched successfully in April this year.

The project was instigated by Rebecca Trim of Silburys Chartered Accountants who were seeking to sponsor an event focused on Women in Business.

The Club is all about business and runs to a strictly commercial agenda. You’ll find it a little more structured, managed and totally market place focused – yet still flexible and friendly. We think it’s a balance you’ll welcome.

Our goal is simple: to help members secure more business and grow.

We are seeking local business professionals; Business Owners, Decision Makers, and Senior Managers to participate and be part of this new venture.

Joining the right Business Club can accelerate and assist you in building your Business and develop you personally.

Here are four key ingredients when seeking a professional group:

Are there “movers and shakers” who are part of the group, and at what level.

  1. How does the group communicate i.e. is there a central point of facilitation and management.
  2. Who is in the group – is it made up of people who provide resources, knowledge, and information but also have a willingness to share.
  3. Does the group offer support and will it be there to help and enable you to grow, learn and overcome difficulties?
  4. For Business Women’s Clubs, we intend to ensure the answer to all those questions is YES


As we roll out the project to selected Sponsors from 4 key professions – Accountancy, Banking, Law, and Financial Services, we look forward to continued development and more opportunities for our members and visitors.