Getting the Balance Right

Getting the Balance Right

In brief…

What do social media, helping the homeless, and blowing up balloons have in common?  They are all about getting the balance right.

Social Media can consume all your time and attention, and if you don’t get the balance right, you’ll end up being unproductive and feeling frustrated.  The team presentation (Alex Cook, Laura Booth, and Annabel Platt) from Sunny Bird PR outlined some of the ways we might make Social Media more ‘Social’ and how the right scheduling plan would keep the balance right.

Sheena Dayman from the YMCA highlighted the practical way we can get the balance right in our community. By engaging with The Big Sleep Easy 2019 campaign, we can sleep rough for one night so that others don’t have to.

Amanda Burger from Intulo Health Sports and Remedial Massage delivered a dynamic demonstration on the power of getting the balance right physiologically.  Drawing our attention to our ‘core stabilisers’ – our breathing muscles – Amanda explained the perils of using the wrong muscles to stabilise our joints.

In More Depth…

Reaching Millions with Your Message

Sunny Bird PR, represented by Alex Cook, Laura Booth, and Annabel Platt, gave us a taster of their Social Media Course – “Reaching Millions!”

“Don’t focus on how to ‘do social’, focus on how to be social…”

Gems included the importance of being active mainly on the platforms that our target audiences prefer.  Social media is time intensive and there’s little point in investing in Facebook if our customers, fans, and clients are predominantly on Instagram!

What we can use Social Media for

Broadening the value of Social Media, the team highlighted that it can be used to:

  • Attract business
  • Engage customers
  • Highlight our Unique Selling Propositions
  • Showcase our products
  • Build brand recognition and awareness
  • Recruitment (a great addition that, like me, you may not have considered)

Key concepts to build your strategy around are ‘community’ and ‘conversations’ and ‘questions’ and ‘engagement’ – in other words, being ‘social’.  If fact, we were encouraged to spend only 20% of our Social Media time on broadcasting our message, and 80% on engaging with our audience.

What we really want is “Engagement Rate” – which is the number of engagements divided by the reach of the post.

I was delighted to hear one of the calls to action: prioritise video content!  The current statistics reveal that video gets 59% more engagement!

We also don’t have to reinvent the wheel every day – we can use evergreen content and release this repeatedly.

Our audience wants something – and if we can give that to them on an increasing scale, we’re sure to benefit from these platforms.  To prove this, several case studies were shared with startling statistics on the impact of good Social Media PR.  For example, Regrowz increased their following by 248% overnight.

One of their clients, the Macular Society, achieved 1000 downloads of their ‘Sight Matters’ kit during National Eye Health Week.

What can we do?

Five Tips to Triumph with the Algorithms

  • Use more live video to improve engagement
  • Cultivate conversations and ask questions
  • Choose quality over quantity when it comes to content production
  • Go for engagement rather than reach as your priority
  • Complete all your profiles so that there is professional brand continuity.


If you’d like to find out more about the training Sunny Bird PR offer, do reach out to Alex, Laura, and Annabel… they are on Social Media!

Communing with our Community

Sheena Dayman shared how members of EBW and TBN has already been involved with the important YMCA initiative, “The Big Sleep Easy.”  With a little bit of sacrifice – sleeping rough for one night – we can help others not have to. Taking a leaf out of the Sunny Bird recommendation to use video, here’s a link to the video Sheena showed us.


If you’d like to get involved, or simply to support by giving, discover more here:

The Secret of Lasting Youth – Stabilisers!

“Think of your body like a fuse box.  Every time you sit down, those little light bulbs dim… All you’ve got to do is switch your lightbulbs on!”

Here’s a video snippet of how Amanda switches her lightbulb on!



Amanda explained how a simple ritual in the morning can redress the imbalance caused by moving outside our central line of gravity for long periods.  For most of us, our working posture is imbalanced.  Sitting for long periods at a computer offers great potential for pain when we need out body to work effectively and be stable! Thus, before we need to call upon our body to do some kind of exercise that will require stability, we need to make sure our core stabilisers are fully functioning.

Using the inflation of a balloon as the key exercise, Amanda starts each day with this simple routine. While the kettle is boiling,

The technique:
1) Activates her body – getting the balance right and the core stabilisers functioning effectively,

2) Oxygenates her body – waking her up,

3) Because the lungs are attached to the heart, this will get the blood circulating so effectively that Amanda is giving herself a warm-up before any rigorous exercise.

Can’t move but want to activate your core stabilisers?  Good news! The balloon exercise still works in situations where we have limited mobility.  Amanda uses the technique with her elderly patients.  With practice, this can help reduce the instability so often shown by the elderly rising from protracted periods of sitting.  Being able to step forward confidently, with stability is the outcome.

In a definitive moment, Amanda declared, “We don’t get old; we become instable.”

I wasn’t familiar with the word, “instable,” which means, “exhibiting instability.”

“Our bodies are not designed to sit down.  Our bodies are designed to move.”

Long periods of sitting causes a vulnerability called a, “hip-hinged position,” which then can cause injury when you go to play sport.

In closing, Amanda explained and demonstrated how our bodies develop rotational movement patterns.  If you are right-handed, you’ll naturally lead with your right and your left can then have a tendency of over-compensate… leading to pain and injury.

If you want to live without pain, stabilise your body, and enjoy the benefits of alignment, have a chat with Amanda.  In the meantime, remember to switch on your ‘lightbulbs’ each day with 20 repetitions of blowing up the balloon while the kettle is boiling.


If we take action we can ‘reach millions’ and help the homeless and stay young for far longer… perhaps forever.  Those are pretty amazing outcomes – and all wrapped in a time of great community building around the tables and a tasty lunch included!