EBW June – Monthly Review

June brought the opportunity for all the Groups to develop and embrace the Elite Business Women’s Club banner their association with The Boardroom Network Groups and a welcome review of the Branding and meeting agenda.

It is always interesting to see how many similarities there are fundamentally amongst the members .. clearly making strong business connections is paramount however there is an overall sense of being supportive, proactive and general willingness to share a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The individual keynote presentations are actively encouraged especially when it includes the persons background i.e what brought them to their present profession and where they see themselves in the future! Their business cards reflect their area of expertise .. this is their opportunity to lift it from the page.

This month at EBW Yeovil, Sherborne & Wells we were treated to David Woan – Chairman of Yeovil Chamber who gave a refreshing overview regarding the positive side of Brexit. He shared how he gleaned his information from reputable sources, chose to ignore the media scare mongering tactics and invited healthy debate over concerns from the group. With his established financial experience, it was a chance to air comments and engage with a sense of both learning and sharing views.

A great example of how humour can underpin a good presentation Jane Cox the private client solicitor had us laughing at her personal approach to the job, she understands the need for Wills to be in place and the urgency around LPA awareness .. she also knows life can sometimes mean you need to laugh at yourself and we thank her for that chance to get to know her a little better

At Cams Hall always keen to share her tips on how to make the best of yourself each and every day was Belinda Butler, her presentation allowed us to see ‘first hand’ literally as to how skin which is not cared for will never look its best no matter how well the make up is applied .. an excellent example of what she is able to offer clients.

Carol McFadden made us smile with her presentation gifts .. as each was unwrapped so it gave a slightly different way of thinking about the sometimes thorny subject of equity release .. or lifetime mortgages as they are now known. Unwrapping a calculator this was to remind us she will always do the figures to get the best deal, heart chocolates how she works with an integrity which is frequently acknowledged, a sheep .. don’t follow the flock seek guidance .. fun with a strong message!

Round the table discussions are always popular and again with the EBWC there are plenty of ideas to be introduced .. there are also some great points made by the members too which are always actively debated.

What a wonderful description of her career to date from Alison Watts of Appleart, from a word processing role in Westbourne ‘some years ago’ to type setter who worked at a rapid rate then a decision to cycle across Europe! Literally .. no mobiles then, a bicycle with all she needed from tent to clothes strapped to it .. pitching her tent and the only way to keep intrusive mosquitoes off was to be dressed in bright orange waterproofs! We could visualise how her travels continued until she decided to return and from working Scotland to the decision to ‘go it alone’ and become self-employed following a local print shop role .. that was June 1990 .. and the bicycle is still around too!

A Quiz is always a good way to get the message across and well done Lynne Henderson for putting us into two teams to answer ‘skin care questions’ ..  (yes some of us get a bit competitive) several very useful facts were gathered and with her usual good-humoured style this natural skin care professional was both memorable and informative!

The final meeting of the month was at the Captains Club and with a visiting member of TBN attending Beverly Jesse of Teachers Building Society soon shed her script to give a presentation which left us in no doubt this was a local company who cares about its staff and clients. They actively seek to build relationships and retain them too, although as the name implies Teachers .. it’s really for everybody .. carry on with the good work Beverly it was good to meet you.

Expect the unexpected should be artist Sally Mackness’ mantra! Back from her stand at the Chelsea Flower Show and full of bright ideas as to what she wants to paint, how she wants to alter her home and give us the opportunity to purchase her beautiful work .. she was all about embracing change! Setting us a challenge to make at least one of the things we are thinking about actually happen, to not depend on one stream of promoting our business alone.

Learning to practice what you preach and my goodness she is learning it the hard way .. Hypnotherapist Lindsay Shepherd gave a heartfelt presentation as to how she has worked with clients to help them overcome and live with pain be it chronic or acute. Lindsay had the unfortunate agony of a trapped nerve to contend with .. whilst taking on board all the medication prescribed, physiotherapy to help and her own capacity of self-hypnosis to deal with this problem which is over time improving .. it brought a deeper insight for her to appreciate the level of debilitation, fear and general exhaustion such pain brings people. Thank you for sharing Lindsay and wishing you steady and sustained recovery to being pain free.

The word challenge is usually included at most meetings, often a member is facing one however Sue Benoke actually set herself one .. quite a monumental one .. the Spartan one to be exact .. with an accountancy background and Coaching business keeping her busy she decided to complete a gruelling course ‘to prove to herself she could do it’ .. we all admired you Sue and felt the assistance of obliging military personnel may have been a little incentive to get over those high walls! Perhaps that’s why you have signed up to do it again later this year .. We like your style

With June now history it is our chance to focus on July ..  EBWC brings new ideas, an innovation of format and a unique way to make those business connections really strong as it aligns and builds its association with not only The Boardroom Network but also The Boardroom Education for our Training and Learning Topics– we do believe we have a lot to look forward to.

Dawn Palmer