• meeting of elite business women at Hotel Du Vin, Poole

A better way for making business connections

Welcome to Elite Business Women Clubs (EBW)

When growing your business, sometimes it can be a bit hit and miss. There are lots of choices –  some will suit better than others, and a wrong choice could not only be pricey but could leave you feeling let down.

We believe our Business Women clubs are the best you’ll find, simply because EBW is all about you – the decision makers, the business owners, the directors, the senior professionals, and managers, all of whom buy and sell and help establish a business.

Who are Elite Business Women Clubs?

EBW is a business organisation, part of the TBN (The Boardroom Network), with the support of our Sponsors we offer monthly meetings for like-minded professional women to connect with their peers in a well-structured environment to help build quality business connections and develop both professionally and personally.

EBW is a membership based organisation. As a local business professional, you’re just the kind of person we want to participate.

Our growing membership covers a strong diverse range of professions, ranging from large businesses to sole traders.

Each month we hold a lunchtime event at our respective venues which blend the best aspects of making new professional relationships with an engaging format.

Each meeting is flexible and friendly, with short presentations rather than overt sales pitches, where members or visitors are willing to explore and share more open ways for business growth.

We encourage the sharing of knowledge & experience and offer business “hot topic” training sessions.

What makes Elite Business Women Clubs different?


The format of our meetings is timed, structured and follow a strictly commercial agenda. It is how we help members and visitors alike build those secure and professional relationships/opportunities.


Membership is limited in professional sectors, which means you may meet women like-minded to you, but never the same, reducing the possibility of conflict and to encourage collaboration. There is also a willingness to help, advise and make introductions.

Backroom team

If you’ve been on the road for an hour to make the most of building connections at the events, you have already revealed something about your attitude to making connections – that it takes time, commitment, effort, and organisation. That goes for us too. We have a dedicated, full-time event manager driving new visitors to meetings, as well as a support system from our sponsors, fellow members, and our Group Ambassadors.


Friendly and flexible, a warm welcome is extended from the moment you meet our reception team. Our Ambassadors are sensitive to new attendees and members are used to putting newbies at ease!

A Vote of Confidence…

The net worth of peer support really is in the spoken word.

When crafting connections, a clear, concise explanation of what you do, how you do it and why you love it, will leave a powerful impression.

Please come along to one of our next events and see why we are so suited to you.